Meggan Powers

First Impressions

There are some girls that don´t want to share much on their tour. Megan Powers is not one of those girls. One of the first things you´ll see when visiting the site is a picture of her sucking on a dick. You´ll also see her getting fucked from behind and riding the cock. There are more pictures where she shows off her beautiful pussy and her incredibly slim and sexy body. There are many ways that Megan Powers will impress you and based on the tour alone she has me very interested in seeing what lies inside.

Hot Promises

One of the worrisome things about the tour is the info on the most recent updates. If you believe what´s posted then Megan hasn´t updated her site in more than a month. That would be disturbing. There´s a note at the top of the page that´s supposedly from Meggan where she talks about how she loves to fuck, suck dick, masturbate (she says wack off) and even piss on camera. If she does all of those things it should be a pretty interesting site. High definition videos, exclusive photos, downloadable content and updates every week are also promised.


There´s trouble as soon as you enter the member´s area. It comes in the form of no updates, at least not in the last month. Meggan most recently added a video on April 1, 2009 and the last picture gallery was almost three months ago. It seems like the site will no longer be updated and that´s a problem because there are only 30 picture galleries and 22 videos and Meggan is asking that you pay $34.95/month for that without giving you any bonus sites. Is there value in paying that much. What´s even more galling is that they jam the member´s main page with advertisements for other sites that this same company runs. They could give you bonus access to those sites!

The content is divided into pictures, videos and screen captures from those videos. I´ll start with the image galleries. They´re listed 20 to a page with a thumbnail representing each. The only title you get a is a number: Meggan 30, Meggan 29, etc. The preview pictures aren´t always handy in telling you what you´re going to see inside. There are only 30 sets though so it won´t cost you anything to click a preview picture and get started on a beautiful journey. These pictures are all very hot, which is why it´s a real shame that Meggan stopped updating.

The average gallery has 150 pictures. There are 20 thumbnails per page and they´re just about the perfect size, although they could have been a little bigger and I wouldn´t have complained. Most of the full size images are 1280px although I saw a few galleries coming in around 900px. The photography is good too, with almost all the galleries being well lit and all the photos well constructed. The man behind the camera knows what he´s doing and the lady in front shares that skill.

There was talk of lots of hardcore content on the tour but that´s not actually the case inside. There´s one hardcore picture gallery and it´s awfully sexy so it´s a shame Meggan didn´t see fit to do more before the site was shut down. That´s something you see a lot of though. Young chicks like this know that we all want to see them fuck so they do a few hardcore sets to get us inside but the bulk of the content is softcore posing stuff. It´s sexy but it´s not quite as alluring.

Let´s talk about the softcore sets though. Meggan is usually wearing something cute as the set opens and then she strips, of course. Her clothes come off slowly and she looks terrific because she has such a lean body. Her tits are tiny, her ass is plump in the perfect way and the rest of her frame is tight as hell. I like her stomach best. She´s the kind of girl that goes for a run and gets everyone´s attention because her body is so damn sexy.

Meggan does more than strip for us. She also likes to play with her pussy. She talked about being a horny sort on the tour and she follows through by constantly playing with her pussy and her tits in the member´s area. She uses her fingers a whole lot they´re the easier tool to locate after all and she has a nice selection of toys that will often find their way into her box. The sexy chick just likes to fool around and she shows us all a good time by stuffing her naughty box over and over.

There are 22 movies at Meggan Powers website and they´re awfully entertaining. There are a few problems though. You´re only given one preview picture for each scene and since there are no titles you´ll often have no idea what you´re going to see. If you see a preview picture of her on the bed in black lingerie you know that´s what she´ll be wearing but what is she going to do in the scene. You have to download to find out. You can grab the scenes in four formats: 3GP, QuickTime, iPod and WMV. The standard resolution is 720x400 and they have high definition clips as well.

The videos aren´t presented perfectly but they certainly look excellent. It´s a whole lot of fun to watch this gorgeous chick get naked and slide a dildo into her pussy while moaning because it feels so good. It´s sexy to watch her pose in that black lingerie, writhing around in bed like she can´t wait to get fucked. There are two hardcore scenes listed and I downloaded them both and they´re the exact same scene! It´s a blowjob video that runs eight minutes long and it´s not even that good a blowjob. She wraps her lips so tightly around her teeth that it looks like she´s gumming his cock instead of sucking it. I like the solo videos though.

Croco´s Opinion

If you visit Meggan Powers and you see the hardcore stuff advertised on the tour you should look past it. There are two hardcore scenes in the member´s area and one is a blowjob only. That´s not the kind of thing you build your marketing around. Most of the site is Meggan posing solo and since she´s such a great looking chick with such a tight body it´s highly arousing and entertaining stuff. She takes her clothes off and plays with her pussy and she looks terrific. My favorite thing is when she bones her snatch with a big dildo in the videos. Seeing that toy slide in her box is awesome. The problem is that Meggan wants $34.95/month for a site with 30 picture galleries, 22 videos and no updates. It´s a good site but that´s a steep price, especially when you consider the complete lack of bonus sites. If they ever add those it will be a great site. Until then it´s pricey.


The site is easy to navigate but they dropped the ball by only offering one screenshot per video.

Pricing Policy

$34.95 for 30 days and $69.95 for 90 days.

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